Yemen - Haraaz Red - Mahal Aqeequl Drying Station Natural Process

 Introducing Yemen, a limited time cafe exclusive single origin roast. 

Coffee in Yemen is built into the very social and cultural fabric of the country. The traditional coffee ceremony, known as ‘qahwa,’ is a symbol of hospitality and friendship. Much attention is spent on the preparation and consumption of coffee when receiving guests. 

Yemeni coffee is complex, rich and, even though it has been exported around the world, the local terroir lends a unique profile to the coffee. Often earthy, medium to full body and sometimes with a fragrance reminiscent of spices. War, water scarcity and other factors have made Yemeni coffee production and export more difficult, lending to the increase cost of obtaining the green coffee. 

What to expect:  a complex and robust cup with pronounced dried fruit flavours, a full body, and long finish. 

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