Rose N Crantz Roasting Co.

Love the Coffee You Drink

Want better coffee without the intimidation factor?
Our team will help you start your specialty coffee journey at any stage! 
Drop in or reach out to meet us, browse the shop, and discover your next coffee. 

Drink the Coffee You Love

Sold and served throughout Thunder Bay (and beyond).
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Brewing this week in the Café

Rotating feature that will include all of the favourites or our limited micro-lots.

What makes us different?

  • Approachable

    We care deeply about coffee and people. We'd like to connect those two things by helping you on your coffee journey, wherever you are. 
  • Community

    RnCRC is committed to supporting research and agricultural developments related to coffee production.
  • Flexible

    No need to stock up since we roast each week. This allows you to order what you need each week without having coffee go stale.
  • Sassy

    Sassiness and whimsy are a part of what we do here. We have some of the most creative minions producing and serving our coffee. 
About Us

Our Coffee Journey

Founded in 2013 by Jamie Nichols, RNC Coffee Ltd. (RnCRC) is built around the concept of ethical trade, specialty coffee – locally roasted coffee in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Coffee varieties are curated on a seasonal basis and imported from a wide variety of global coffee producers and farms. We roast in small batches that are carefully tended to achieve the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee beans for you to enjoy at home, work, and on the go.
We care about connection, literacy, and community. The core value at Rose N Crantz Roasting Co. is that coffee should be an enjoyable experience that brightens your day and brings people together. Developing a coffee ritual within your day means that coffee becomes that experience and not just a caffeine delivery system! We want to remove the barriers to specialty coffee and bring industry issues related to gender equity, colonialism, and climate change into the regular coffee conversation.

Our Testimonials

What are folks saying?

This is hands down the most delicious coffee!


Absolutely AMAZING coffee. I tried these guys on a whim just looking for coffee in TBay and I am so  happy I gave them a shot. Every flavour I've tried is so tasty, which is a big thing for someone who likes black coffee. Would Recommend. 

James | Thunder Bay

I don't write reviews, ever. BUT, after having tasted this coffee, I just had to say that is amazing. Best coffee I have had in years. The owner(s) are as warm and welcoming as their coffee. Thank you for brightening my day. 


RNCRC Customer

It was OK, I guess. There were skritches, treats and a water bowl for me, but they didn't have bacon. What kind of café doesn't have bacon? My humans seemed to enjoy themselves though... 

The RosenHound


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find RnCRC Coffee?

Our roastery and shop are located at 905 Copper Cr in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are also very proud to work with retailers and commercial partners locally and across Northern Ontario. See below for the list of our commercial partners.

When will my online order arrive?

If you place your order online before Monday 11:59pm you can expect it to be ready by Wednesday of that week with email notifications providing updates.  

All local deliveries are now done locally in partnership with Superior Seasons Farmers Market on Wednesday or Thursday each week.  

Orders for shipping leave the shop on Tuesday.

Do You Roast The Coffee Beans?

We sure do!  We expertly roast all of our coffee on site every Monday and Tuesday to maximize freshness.
We believe that every type of coffee should be treated differently during the roasting process, so by roasting in small batches we can adjust the roast profile accordingly. 

Do You Sell Coffee Accessories?

Yes! We have a variety of gear at the shop to enhance your daily coffee routine. This includes grinders, pour-over brewers, espresso tools, filters and mugs. 

Where Is Your Coffee Sourced From?

What makes our coffee unique, is that we source our coffee from small farms and cooperatives around the world. We work alongside trusted specialty coffee importers to find the perfect coffee for your morning, evening or afternoon coffee break!
  • Our core coffees represent farms in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, and Rwanda with special microlots from other countries coming in throughout the year as well.
  • This variety means that you can choose between a mild, medium, or bold profile - whatever your preference!
  • We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our offerings.

Do you add flavouring to the coffee?

No - we do not add anything but time and attention to detail to our coffee. Tasting notes refer solely to the natural flavour profiles of the beans.