Rwanda - Kabarizi - Nyabiti - FTO Microlot

Microlots from Rwanda are traceable to the cooperative and washing-station level, and are selected on the basis of cup quality. These lots are separated out from the larger bulked day lots that the washing station produces, and represent the highest quality Rwandan offerings. 

Bordering Lake Kivu and the Nyugwe Forest, the Western Province of Rwanda is a very abundant and tropical area. The soil is a mixture of sandy and black humus at extreme elevations have allowed for small producers and washing stations to turn out specialty coffee at volumes that Rwanda has never seen before.

Region: Lake Kivu, Western Province

Farm: COOPAC small holders in the Western Province

Tasting notes: Smooth and sweet with earthy dark chocolate notes, balanced with a juicy mouthfeel and syrupy body, long finish

Best brewed as: pour over, drip, immersion, moka pot

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