Costa Rica - Café Vida - Brunca

Community coffees like the Café Vida are smallholder coffees that cup above 80 that are combined to produce a speciality coffee that is representative of the region they are grown. This allows us to maintain a consistent flavour profile year over year.
While most of Costa Rica is harvesting coffee from November to March, the Brunca’s harvest is from July to December due to its weather patterns in southern Costa Rica. The elevation of the South Valley is lower than much of Costa Rica, but the tropical forest contains nutrient-rich soil suitable for producing excellent coffee. 
Costa Rica – Cafe Vida
Region: Brunca
Farm: Smallholder Farms
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Sweet aroma, medium to heavy body, medium finish with stone fruit and chocolate notes in the cooling cup.
Best Brewed as: pour over, immersion, drip, single origin espresso

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